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Al Anfoushi fish restaurant

For the best in food, service, value and atmosphere, you can’t choose our restaurant. We guarantee you the freshest seafood, delivered daily to our dock, prepared to your liking.


Between the originality of the early past mixed with the history of the Alexandria Anfoushi, and its sophisticated present, our vision is inspired so that “Anfoushi would become the perfect and the most enjoyable choice for seafood, to lead the way”


G5X5+FV Andalusia, Jeddah

M-F 10am-2am
Sa 10am-3am
FR 10am-2am

What’s new?

Our promise

We cook seafood likerock stars, truly

We have a great selection of fish.At our showroom, we proudly offer
our guests to select our best types of fish

We guess you don’t like
to wait for too long

We cook too hot and too fast. We like fire, we cook fast, tasty and healthy! Our professional team never let you wait for your order

We know everything
about fish

We have a great selection of fish. At our showroom, we proudly offer our guests to select our best types of fish.

Chef in House Explains

Quality to Die For

Meet our chef! Today, he is a culinary talent, passion for fresh seafood, and dedication to all aspects of running a restaurant serve him well as Executive Chef of Seafood Restaurant, a role he earned after many successful years
Feel Yourself as a Valued Guest

Cozy Atmosphere

We guarantee you the best seafood, delivered daily to our dock, prepared to your liking, our focus is on serving the absolute freshest fish and seafood. We offer a wonderful open-air venue to relax and enjoy the best view of sunset

Happy guests say

For those who love seafood
And who cares about the taste, flavors and tasting only
Great fun place and delicious food worth every penny
Without flashiness, view, decorations, or music
You are going to eat and just enjoy eating
As if you were in a seafood place in Alexandria, eating on a table in the street, concentrating on eating, and enjoying every bite
Honestly, I thank them and I will definitely go to them again

J M.

Excellent food, delicious taste, and the restaurant has no fish smell. The fish is fresh and the cleaning is very clean. There is a variety in the orders between the Saudi, Egyptian, Sanjari, Rada, and the Lebanese with olive oil, the Harra fish, and the red and white meat. Also, garlic, lemon, and Mexican fajitas

Moni Deeb

I was hesitant to try the alanfoushi restaurant's food at first, but then I decided to give it a try and it was a beautiful experience. Honestly, the food was delicious and fast. The fried fish and shrimp were the best for me. Inshallah, I will visit them again for a second and third time.

M al Ghamdi

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